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Boat Charters Legal Part 1

  Nothing better than a day on the water with friends celebrating a special event, or with a family on a site seeing tour; or that once in a life time fishing expedition.     The term “charter” or charter boat is often misused. A charter in the maritime realm is a legal term going back to the days of sail. Today, a chartered vessel is like a rented vessel where an individual assumes responsibilities as its owner, similar to when you rent a car or a houseboat. A written agreement is signed whereupon the renter (charterer) takes on ownership responsibilities from the vessel’s true owner. The charterer is responsible for all materials to operate it (the crew, insurance, fuel, stores, etc.) There are different types of charters ;   Bareboat charter, Commercial charter, OUPV charter. OUPV  or  Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessel or commonly know as a 6 pack, this is a mariners United States Coast Guard (USCG)   credential  This license is the most popular license and is commonly referr

Couldn't Happen to Me.

      Lake of the Ozarks is home to many fishermen and women.   Many are  semi professional,  and professional. but the majority are hobbyist, vacationers, with a mix that enter local tournaments such as the Big Bash Bass, Surkdyke Yamaha Go Fish Crappie  and many others. Lake of the Ozarks, Table Rock Lake  and other lakes in Missouri have fishing tournaments year round, day and night. Recently, myself and two friends were fishing in one of many tournaments,  the weather conditions was partly cloudy, winds were starting to increase 5 -15 miles per hour. coupled with other boats in the area. our boat was being rocked.  The boat it self has a wide beam and is very stable.    One of my friends was up and moving back to the bow seat.   At the given moment a wake broadsided the boat, and the wind picked up.  He took a headed, almost fell overboard,, but was able to catch himself on the gunraill and fall in the boat.  knocked the wind out of him and broke a index finger.  Over all very luck