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Health and Safety Check Up For Your Boat

  Before the holiday  take the time and have a Vessel Exam (VE) or also known as   A  Vessel  Safety Check.   A VE is a courtesy  examination  of your  boat  ( Vessel ) to verify the presence and condition of certain Safety Equipment required by State and the Federal regulations.  Do you have the right safety equipment for your boat size?  Do you know what is needed? he U.S. Coast Guard has compiled a list of required  boating safety  equipment, which they have determined to be the minimum equipment and operating standards as deemed necessary under federal laws. This list is the  minimum  federal USCG required list and some states may have added additional items/safety equipment, so be sure to check your states boating laws and requirements. Life Jackets and personal floatation devices  – The USCG requires one approved – Type I, II, III, or V,  life jacket or life vest  per person on board. If the vessel is 16 feet or more in length, one throwable floatation device – Type IV – like a