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Winter Boating - Yes !! Boating Can Be Year Round

  While most boats are laid up over winter, there’s still plenty of boating in winter to enjoy: in warmer climates for the purpose of fishing or simply cruising, on cold rivers where winter steelhead exist, in coastal waters for migrating species, and so forth. Whether you’re boating in winter from an open boat, a boat with a cabin, or simply a kayak, you have to respect the elements and be aware of the effects of exposure to cold air  and water, even on a warm and windless day. While you should always have all of the normal safety equipment when you go boating, here are ten tips specific to enjoying cold-water boating in winter. First and foremost  when boating in the winter, dress for the water temperature, and Most of all wear your Life Jacket. “I want to start boating in the colder months of the year. What kind of gear do I need?” Boating in the colder months? Because the question is much more complex, and it involves your safety – something we take a very personal interest in. Her