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Cold Water Kills Are You Next?

C old weather deaths happen to often when some penetrative measures can save a life.    Hypothermia in layman's terms is  decreased body temperature.  this condition happens more slowly than the effects of cold shock and you might not be immediately aware of the symptoms. Normal body temp is 98.6.. .Mild  hypothermia begins at 95 degrees body temp.  At 90 degrees there is moderate shivering, dizziness, lack of coordination, some confusion and fatigue.  Moderate hypothermia 89.6 degrees body temp.  Shivering stops, consciousness becomes impaired hard to stay awake. Severe hypothermia 75.2 degrees body temp.  Apparent Death - irreversible hypothermia 59 degrees body temp  Uncontrolled or rapid breathing will speed up the chilling process. When the body's core temperature falls to 93?F. physical ability is severely diminished and mental capacity begins to deteriorate rapidly. A victim usually falls into an unconscious state when body temperature falls to 86?F. If the victim doe

Circle of Death

  Two young fisherman Hunter Bland and Conner Young are  t wo anglers from University of Florida College Bass Fishing team captured a very scary boating accident on their GoPro camera while running 55 mph.   Hunter Bland is the National Boating Safety Advocate for Skeeter and  Yamaha. As well as a spokesperson for  Waves of Hope, a program of the National Safe Boating Council, is a coalition of families and friends committed to preventing boating and water tragedies. Learn more at   If it was not for the FLW requiring  all participants to wear life jackets and kill switches while running.”   and the quick thinking of  his fishing partner Conner Young, both would not be here today to tell their story. History of emergency engine cut off switch ( Kill Switch)  Although the U.S. Coast Guard is still considering regulations that would require boat builders to install kill switches (emergency engine cut-off switches) in all new recreational boats below a certa

Boat Charters Legal Part 2

  Four individuals have been charged in a conspiracy to sell phony Coast Guard merchant mariner credentials in Norfolk, Va., the U.S. Department of Justice announced yesterday. According to allegations in the unsealed indictment, Lamont Godfrey, 42, of Portsmouth, Va., Eugene Johnson, 45, of Norfolk, Va., Shunmanique Willis, 43, of Texas, and Alonzo Williams, 45, of Louisiana, acted in concert to create counterfeit certificates from the  Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy  (MAMA) in Norfolk and sell them to merchant mariners for a profit. MAMA is a private state-of-the-art maritime training center, offering mariners over 100 Coast Guard-approved deck and engineering courses needed for merchant mariners to hold various positions on merchant vessels. Godfrey worked for the MAMA as the school’s chief administrator. According to the indictment, Godfrey used this position to create fake MAMA course certificates for mariners who had never taken the MAMA courses, in exchange for thousands of dolla