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Memorial Day On The Water

  Memorial Day has come and gone, and happy to report for the week end holiday, here in Missouri, the Missouri State Highway Patrol Water Division reported No Boating Fatalities, & No Drownings Over Memorial Day Weekend. Boating Statistics Crashes -- 6 Injuries -- 3 Fatalities -- 0 Drowning -- 0 BWI -- 7 Drug Arrests – 0 However, always a but.   It was really evident that there were many first-time boaters, boaters that were not educated in the basic navigation rules. Boaters that didn’t care or had the attitude for I am on vacation and what I do stays here and do not take responsibility for my actions.   With that in mind, let’s review some simple boating navigation rules and boating courtesy. 1.       There are two types of vessels on the water ways.   They are: Stand-on and Give-way. So simply put, the Stand-on vessel is the boat that continues at the same speed and direction.   The Give-way vessel is the vessel the yields.   When you are driving to your fav