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Ready Or Not For Boating Season??

  Believe it or not 69 days or Monday , 20th March 2023 , Spring will be here.    That means to get ready for another season of water activities.   You may be ready but is your boat, jet Ski, and other water activities related Items ready? If you are like many people, you winterize the boat or jet ski, put away the life jackets and water toys after the summer season has ended, and look forward to the spring hoping into the boat or jet ski and starting it up and away we go, right!..... maybe not. Before your boat hits the water though, ensure your boat Jet Ski is ready. Preparing for spring ensures proper performance and safety. These tips for preparing for spring will give you peace of mind and get you on the water in no time.   1.       Check that the boat registration is current and onboard. You need to have this available if a Department of Natural Resources (DNR) officer asks to see it. 2.       Invest in boat towing insurance. You’ll be glad you did if an emergency arise