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Tragedy on the Lake

 On June 5 A young life was lost, at lake of the Ozarks.  No words can or will express the sorrow felt by all.  A family suffers a lost, due to a boating accident.    According to the Missouri Highway Patrol Water Division Troop F,  The father thought the boat was in neutral, unaware that the boat was slowly backing. The mother jump in the water clearing  the out board, and the child followed.   A young 8 year old boy died on June 5 2021, when the child exited the rear of the water craft and was struck by the propeller.  I am sure in their grief  the parents are asking, these very question themselves, second guessing themselves, asking what if.    As in many tragedies, it is news worthy for a period, people will demand action, or at the very least express concern.  Then people will move on and this will be forgotten.  But it should not. Why is it, when tragedy occurs, we say how could this happen, what can be done to prevent incidences like this. Nation wide on a average 171 accidents