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Boater Education is it Necessary?

  You bought a boat, wave runner and you are going to sail the open waters, party with your homies, show off your new toy, suns out guns out.    But driving a boat is just lake a car, right?  Do I really need to have boater education?? What difference does it make? What is boater education? Most states require that boaters complete an official and certified boater education course. The Boater Education Card (sometimes called a “boater's license”) is  proof that you have successfully completed your state's official & approved boating safety course . Why is boater education important ? Boating safety education is important because it  helps reduce personal injury and property damage associated with the use of recreational boats . ... Boaters can keep themselves and their crew safe by learning about responsible boat operation, etiquette, and the rules of the waterways. Where boating instruction was known,  77 percent  of deaths occurred on vessels where the operator had not re