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Cold-Water Drowning

  On November 26, two lives were lost at Lake of the Ozarks.   Both were visitors, both drowned. The report indicated that one swimmer began to struggle and went under and did not resurface.   His friend dove into the water to his friend and he also did not resurface.     Neither individual was wearing a life jacket. This is a grim reminder, that water activities when the water temperature is low will greatly decrease the chances of survival.   Typically, people in temperate climates don't consider themselves at risk from hypothermia in the water, but hypothermia can occur in any water temperature  below 70°F . It was noted on the day of the drowning the water temperature was 54 degrees F.   To some 54 degrees F may seem warm.   However, at this temperature your body will succumb to hypothermia, death will follow if rescue does not come quickly. At a water temperature of 32.5 to 40 degrees, death may occur in 30 - 90 minutes. At a water temperature of 40 to 50 degrees, death