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On the Water Toys Safe or Unsafe

  It is summer and it is hot, and the water is refreshing; it is time to break out the water toys or maybe even get some new ones. Floating Mat s, Water Trampoline , Inflatable Water Slide ,   Pool Noodles , Inflatable Climbing Wall , Inflatable of a Favorite Animal , Towable Tubes, Inflatable Loungers , and arm floaties are all fun to use.     Even though they can help keep a baby, child and adult   afloat,  water toys are not a substitute for safety devices . Therefore, they should never be seen as a replacement for adult supervision or used without a lifejacket. Good Housekeeping Research Institute (GHRI) found aquatic toys to be especially dangerous. The toys were found to flip easily, putting children at risk of injury or drowning (especially if the children were ejected into deep water). Some of the toys were so slippery, children fell into the water while attempting to climb them.     Other toys were so flimsy as to easily collapse under the weight of one child . Many inf