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Boating Accidents and Injuries Are Preventable

  Did you know the majority of drownings happen in open water. such rivers, lakes and ponds?   Nearly 650 people die each year during recreational boating activities. ·      79% of boating deaths due to drowning ·      86% of the victims not wearing a life jacket ·      2/3 of drownings victims are good swimmers. ·      70% of Deaths occurred on boats where the operator had no boating safety instructions / lessons. ·      23 % of Deaths where the primary cause was alcohol was the ·      leading factor. ·      171 accidents with at least one person struck by a propeller. ·      35 lives were lost due to propeller strikes.` ·      1 in 3 of all boating injuries occurred in boat operators over the age of 35   Boaters are encouraged to “Get Connected” and use their engine cut-off device, more commonly referred to as a “kill switch,” every time they go boating. An engine cut-off device is a proven safety device used to stop the boat’s engine should the operator unexp