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What’s the Right Lifejacket For Me?

  Water recreational activities are a big deal in Missouri. Residents and visitors alike come to Missouri’s lakes and rivers to swim, boat, ski, fish, and paddle.   The emphasis, of course, is on fun and enjoyment. However, emphasis should also be placed on safety. No one wants their vacation sadly interrupted by a drowning, especially if it involves a child.   Life jackets can (obviously) help save lives. So, what are lifejackets? Which one is right for you? Missouri (and the Federal Government, through the Coast Guard) have regulations regarding use of lifejackets, or more generally, personal flotation devices, or PFDs.   The following is a summary of applicable PFD Regulations: -           In Missouri, all vessels 16 feet or longer must carry on-board at least one US Coast Guard (USCG)-approved wearable lifejacket (PFD) for each person on board or being towed. Vessels less than 16 feet in length must carry one wearable or throwable device for each person on board or being to