Boat Explosions


As of May 2, 2020 the Lake of the Ozarks has had 3 Boat explosions that has injured 9 people and one person died. 

There are many reasons that would cause these tragic events, from electrical arcing to excessive build up of gas fumes in the bilge.  

As boaters, safe fueling practices are a must.  

After fueling and before starting your engine, run your blower for at least 3 - 5 minutes, this will exhaust any fuel fumes trapped in the bilge /engine compartment.  Do not run the blower while fueling.  Running the blower while fueling can blow gas fumes into the engine compartment and cause a explosions when starting the engine.

Also open the engine hatch while running the blower,  this will help air out the bilge /engine compartment.  Do a sniff test for any odor of fuel.

Something to consider, it is not  bad practice to run your blower each time before starting your engine.  On a hot summer day, the fuel fumes / vapors can still build in the bilge /engine compartment. So before leaving the on the water bar, or fuel dock a few extra minutes will save you a life time of regret


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