Is it Real or a Scam


There is always someone out to take you money, by hook or by crook.  

If you receive a letter from U.S. VESSEL DOCUMENTATION in California telling you that your USCG Document is about to expire – DO NOT REPLY!

Actual vessel documentation is handled by the U.S. Coast Guard in Virginia. We have heard from several boaters that they received a very official-looking notification, and it referenced a very official-looking web site. The letter claimed that if the recipient did not reply/renew within 45 days he could be subject to a $10,000 fine and other fees. The recipient could renew for $75.00, or for 5 years for $300.

The cost to legitimately renew your Document is $26.00 per year. If you need to renew yours with the USCG, you can go to .

What is a Documented Vessel?
documented vessel is one that is registered by the Federal Government through the U. S. Coast Guard, rather than titled and numbered by a state. Pleasure vessels of 5 net tons and over (26 feet in length and up) may be documented, and commercial vessels 5 net tons and over must be documented.

Vessel documentation is a national form of registration for vessels with a net weight of five tons or more. Vessels are documented by the Federal Government (U.S. Coast Guard) and not by individual states.

What are the Benefits of Documenting a VesselVessel documentation is a national form of registration, which means that you are registering your vessel with the federal government. Documentation provides evidence of nationality for your vessel, used mainly for international purposes.

While federally documented vessels are not required to display state registration numbers, you may still be required to register the vessel with the state, and be required to pay any sales taxes.

To apply or renew is simple.  visit regarding payment information for other Vessel Documentation products and services or to request a multi-year Certificate of Documentation for Recreational vessels. NOTICE: Official Number, which can be found on your current Certificate of Documentation (COD) is required to renew.


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